Audioboom AIM flotation nets London Business Angels investors a potential 25x + return

Audioboom, an early stage technology company presented to London Business Angels (LBA) investors in October 2009 and raised circa £200k from LBA investors as part of a circa £600k funding round in May 2010. Some initial LBA investors who invested in 2010 have seen their original stake rise by over 25x in the last four years particularly since Audioboom floated onto the AIM market in February 2014. The company which is commercialising an innovative audio-sharing social media platform that enables the creation, broadcast and syndication of audio content across multiple global verticals was floated onto the AIM market at an initial offering price of circa £0.50. Since floating, the company’s share price has risen to over £14.00, yielding a market capitalisation of circa £75m. The company raised new money of £8m earlier this month at a price per share of 12.5p in order to fund its further growth.

Anthony Clarke, London Business Angels CEO, ” AudioBoom is an excellent growth story for angel backed SMEs floating on AIM and reflects the range of options potentially available to high growth technology companies. My congratulations to a syndicate of LBA investors who have supported this company and now have the potential for a 25x on their initial syndicated investment potentially turning £200k into £5m+.”

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