Beer & Young completes Commercial Project in Ceramics

B&Y completes £600,000 in financing for unique project in ceramics in just 3 weeks‚Ä®‚Ä®.
A talented ceramics artist of international repute and experience has a unique project to create a short-term public installation. There will be huge global appeal for this project and at the end of the exhibit the sculptures will be sold to the public. It is anticipated that over £14m will be generated for donations to various charities, behind that a gross profit of £3.5 million will be delivered to the business.
The client was referred to Beer & Young by an industry peer, who knew we could be relied on to find the right investor. This large-scale project needed an injection of capital to employ staff, procure supplies and create the installation pieces. Within three weeks, we were able to put the client in touch with a single investor who agreed to provide the entire £600,000 in funding. The funds have been provided as a loan at a high coupon rate based on the project’s income stream. One third of the funding has already been completed with the balance to be placed over the next three months.
Our client now has the necessary cash flow to move the project forward and the investor is pleased to be funding a unique project with such admirable charitable aims.
“We were thrilled that Beer & Young was able to find us an investor who both believed in our project and provided full funding. Their expertise and advice was invaluable. We couldn’t recommend them more.”
– PC Ceramic Artist