Seed Mentors Seed Advantage SEIS Fund now 75% invested

The first Seed EIS fund from Seed Mentors is now 75% invested, across seven different companies. The remaining investments will be completed once the due diligence has been done.

The companies invested in are set out below. The fact that three of the companies are in the film or media industries is coincidence, as the fund is generalist in nature.

Luxin Ltd
The company is a supplier of products to the home entertainment market and is essentially a distribution business that licenses TV and film content from rights owners and then exploits licensed titles by selling copies into retail channels on DVD and Blu-ray disc and also digitally through downloads into the video on demand, TV and cinema markets. The money invested is already being spent on securing the rights to a number of titles.

Video Now
Video Now acquires both theatrical and video rights to films and generates revenue streams through sales by exhibition (taking a share of box office) and through retail of physical and digital video products. Video Now predominantly targets well-known older films and TV series, especially those that can be packaged into popular Box Sets.

The Film Development Company
The Film Development Company develops film projects to the point where production financing is required. It does this by creating and acquiring intellectual property of scripts and best-selling books, and prepares the adaptation of these as a screenplay. In addition, complimentary services such as casting directors and / or location scouting may also be provided, which is then packaged and sold to a producer at a premium.

InTune Investor
InTune Investor is a company developing investment software for use by Financial and Wealth Advisers, to enable them to improve their client reporting, specifically in relation to investments that use Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). It is designed to capture the growing self- investing market, of which there are now 6.5 million.

Catercost Ltd
Catercost is an innovative cloud based online profit calculator aimed at the hospitality market. It is designed to enable pub and restaurant managers to accurately cost menus and also calculate nutritional information that is increasingly expected across the catering industry.

Magic Dragon Music
Magic Dragon Music will take advantage of a growing market for enhanced music products where the consumer is often willing to spend as much as three or four times the price of a regular album. Such products are highly collectable, particularly by an older fan base, which has relatively high disposable income to spend on items with such a powerful nostalgic connection.

Monza Books
Monza Books develop, commission, produce and distribute enhanced electronic books, primarily through the Apple iBooks store.
The business intends to exploit the opportunity created by the explosion in the market for computer tablets following the launch of the iPad series. Apple currently dominates the tablet market and it is estimated to exceed 275 million units by 2015.

Details of further investments will be announced soon, as well as information on the progress of these initial investments

By UKBAA 13 Mar 2014