New tool helps small businesses with their IP strategy

Inngot, the leading provider of online intellectual property services, has added an interactive IP planner to its web-based toolkit. Designed with small enterprises in mind, the new Appraise tool helps owners and managers to identify the risks and opportunities that matter most to their individual business.

Appraise is a two-step process. First, the user finds out what all their IP and other non-physical assets are by completing a profile on the Inngot website. This secure 15-minute process acts as a personalised ‘mini-audit’.

The Appraise interactive action plan is then generated with a single click. It analyses all the IP rights and other ‘intellectual assets’ that have been discovered, and creates a customised set of practical suggestions and risk alerts.

Based on lessons learnt during over 50 years’ combined experience in protecting and commercialising intellectual assets, Appraise acts as an online checklist. Users can review, show or hide individual items, mark them as completed, and revisit the planner whenever necessary.

Inngot’s profiling and valuation services recently won a global best practice award from Microsoft, who is also supporting use of the new Appraise tool amongst its user base. An early Microsoft-sponsored user, Agris Belte of Attova, commented:

“Appraise – an Intellectual Property action plan is brilliant. It gives us specific guidelines on how to protect, strengthen and market our IP. It works in a form of checklist which is absolutely easy to use.”

Rosa Wilkinson, Director of Innovation at the UK Intellectual Property Office, added:

“We are always pleased to see new tools that help businesses understand and utilise their IP. Inngot is doing more than most to make IP accessible and relevant for small companies, especially in the area of finance. Appraise is an important addition to the resources they can use.”

The combined Inngot profile and online Appraise report costs £95 +VAT and are available now atwww.inngot.com/ip-strategy.

By Inngot 24 Feb 2014