Property CrowdFunding coming to the UK

BankToTheFuture just closed another Equity CrowdFunding round for Crowd Property Ltd, founded by property investor Simon Zutshi, raising £159,556 from 22 investors, to bring property investing to the crowd in 2014.
This marks the second FinTech company to raise finance on BankToTheFuture having raised over £800,000 for FinTech companies through the platform. BankToTheFuture has reported a large increase in the number of FinTech companies applying for finance on their site as the appetite for disruption in banking and finance continues to soar.
Simon Zutshi posted on the BankToTheFuture forum “We want to build a platform that really understands what investors are doing and so will back what we believe to be solid developments. I look forward to sharing the progress with our new investors as we develop the business.”

The theory behind is that instead of raising funds from a bank or wealthy investors, you raise the loan from hundreds of your contacts and property investors, each investing a very small amount in the business or property.

We are delighted that Crowd Property Ltd chose BankToTheFuture.com to launch this new concept. CEO of BankToTheFuture, Simon Dixon said:

“A while ago I said that every single financial product will be re-invented into a crowd based product. Financial services and banking is being re-invented as we speak. We look forward to seeing what Crowd Property achieves in this exciting new development in financial services and wish them all the best.”

By UKBAA 20 Feb 2014