Inngot provides Microsoft hints and tips on IP

Following a recent Global Best Practice award from Microsoft, intellectual property experts Inngot have authored a new series of helpful articles for small businesses.

These are now featured on a redesigned website at www.microsoft.com, which also provides free access to two practical IP assessment tools.

Software companies are particularly dependent on non-physical, ‘intangible’ assets like IP, but many remain unsure what they should be doing with it. Written by Inngot CEO and co-founder, Martin Brassell, the 10 new articles provide jargon-free answers to a range of questions commonly asked by companies. These include what constitutes IP, how to license it, account for it and protect it internationally.

In order to provide additional practical help to Microsoft UKBAA Blog readers, the posts offer access to a free Inngot IP profile and action plan. These online tools, normally costing £95 +VAT, make it easy for any company to identify the assets they own, and create a personalised, interactive checklist of hints and tips at a single click.

Brassell, who recently co-authored a new Government report on IP and finance, commented: “Intellectual property is the most important asset software and service companies have, but too few businesses take the time to recognise and protect it properly. We’re delighted that Microsoft has dedicated a whole hints and tips section to this important area and given readers access to our unique tools. We look forward to working with them to keep the content fresh and up-to-date.”

To read the UKBAA Blog posts, visit the Microsoft Business hints and tips page, at – http://bit.ly/1cLYckI
For more information on Inngot and Microsoft working together, visit: http://bit.ly/VriXZx

By Inngot 15 Jan 2014