Silicon Beach Business Angels launch Investment and Entrepreneur workshops for 2014

SBBA is offering two new workshops in 2014 –Investment and Entrepreneur Workshop, ‘Delivered by Hixsons’.

Investment Workshop

It is a well known myth that angel investing is just for high net worth individuals. In reality anyone can invest as long as they know what they are doing.

Who is this workshop for?

People whose savings are earning very little and they are not sure what to do. They are also concerned about risky investment schemes that they don’t fully understand.

If this is you then this workshop will help you understand what is right for you. You will be able to decide your own attitudes to risk and be able to evaluate investments better.

Main benefits

You will leave the programme with an understanding of portfolio management and risks relevant to your situation. You should feel more comfortable about discussing and evaluating potential investment opportunities and you should feel able to ask questions at a pitch presentation.

What next?

Please find details and booking on SBBA’s website – http://www.siliconbeach.pro/events/SBBA-WORKSHOPS93b.aspx

Entrepreneur Workshop

Often entrepreneurs don’t link their personal goals with their business objectives and don’t understand when external investment could be good for them.

Who is it for?

Entrepreneurs, do you want to discover if external investment will help you achieve your goals? This workshop will help you better understand how your objectives drive your strategy. You will be able to decide whether external investment is right for you and how best to go about it.

Main Benefits

You will leave the programme with a better understanding of your strategy, including funding alternatives. It is also a great opportunity for networking and getting to know the investors and other entrepreneurs in the area.

What next?

Please find details and booking on SBBA’s website -http://www.siliconbeach.pro/events/SBBA-WORKSHOPS93b.aspx

By UKBAA 20 Nov 2013