Case Study 2012

Beer & Young are delighted to announce an investment completion which highlights our ability to move fast and deliver results.

Their client is an established technology company employing over 30 staff both in the UK and overseas. It enjoys a host of known clients in its sector and has the capacity to exploit markets around the globe.

Beer & Young were approached during the Summer to source urgent funding. The business had taken longer than anticipated to reach its current break-even point and the appetite by existing shareholders to further fund the business had receded. Whilst the future outlook was very positive, the business had reached a cash crunch whereby unless funding was received within three months, the business would be forced to close.

Beer & Young moved quickly, constructing our Turnaround Executive Summary, shortlisting relevant investors and presenting to them on behalf of our client. Within one week of take-on we had sourced an overseas trade group who were very keen to enter into this market and looking for acquisitions and/or joint ventures. Other investor meetings followed but it was clear that the trade group were the perfect match for our client.

Within weeks a soft loan was accepted by our client to cover urgent working capital requirements. Due diligence was undertaken and a partnership relationship entered into. Further investment has now followed giving our client the money they need to develop their business and deliver growth & profits.

The CEO KK states:

“Thank you Beer & Young for all your efforts. You jumped into action, and quickly and efficiently delivered quality investors that provided a firm foundation for growth. We have a highly positive outlook going forwards.”