Private Investor Injects Cash Into Struggling Business

Although it’s January and cold outside the immediate future is no longer bleak for the supplier of cookers and horticultural equipment company we were recently engaged to raise funds for.

Beer & Young specialise in raising capital urgently for SME’s requiring our help. We have an unrivaled network of private investors looking to invest funds, taking the stress off you and enabling your company to focus on the more important things like growth and future profits.

Our client’s business has a history that extends to over 100 years with its origins in ironmongery and latterly as a retailer to the local agricultural community. It now specialises in sales of the leading brands of cookers and stoves, and a full range of horticultural equipment.

Turnover has been steady at around £1.8 million for several years, but increased costs & other internal factors have resulted in losses in the last two years. Cashflow and creditor pressures have built up, particularly with HMRC.

Beer & Young were introduced to locate urgent funding and look to negotiate terms with the Crown over their historic debt. We moved into action and swiftly generated a good level of interest. One investor stood out amongst the rest, met with our client and offered terms almost straight away. A loan by the investor was put in place to provide urgent working capital to be followed by a longer term investment to allow the company to re-build its former position as a solid profitable business.

Our client is delighted with this outcome; without which he would have had to shut the doors of the business for good.

Our client can now look forward with renewed optimism and is already seeing signs of recovery in his order book.

We wish both client and investor well for the future.