Beer & Young September 2011 Update

Now we are all fully back into the swing of work, we are pleased to offer a short case study of a business we raised investment for during the summer period. In fact the time from initial meeting to completion was less than four weeks, a real achievement for all parties involved.

There is no doubt that private investor finance can provide the answer to entrepreneurs who require working capital, whatever the current circumstances of their financial position. If you know of a business which could benefit from speedy access to new money, please give us a call. We offer an honest and swift appraisal of any situation and we’ll happily meet with the owners at no cost or commitment.

Fashion Designer – Case Study

Our client is a young and talented British designer of bridal and eveningwear. In less than two years she has established a known brand, sold in numerous retail outlets, enjoyed global magazine exposure and her designs have been worn by celebrities and on national television.

Earlier this year however, the factory that produced the bridal collection closed down, leaving hundreds of dresses unproduced. Whilst these orders were fulfilled, working capital resources were seriously depleted leaving little room for error.

Beer & Young were introduced, quickly set to work and generated interest from eight private investors. Several meetings were held; one investor stood out and quickly offered terms. Within a further ten days shareholder agreements were signed and capital invested into the company account.

Our client was naturally delighted and offered the following comment:

“My business has been developing well for some time, but due to unforeseen circumstances, I found myself needing urgent funding support. My bank wouldn’t support me so I turned to B&Y. Not only did they resolve my funding issues, they helped me through the process and made it all simple. I am truly grateful for their efforts and recommend any business owner to contact them”.

TH, Entrepreneur

We can help so give us a call…

If you know of a business that is experiencing financial pressures and has a need for capital, please talk to us. Our Investors are very active in today’s market; businesses can be preserved and subsequently thrive – for the benefit of all stakeholders