Private Investor to the Rescue!

This month we’re offering two short case studies highlighting recent work we’ve carried out for clients. As you know we are set up as a transaction based business. We rely on referrals and will never seek to overlap work that our introducer can ably carry out. That said we don’t believe there is anyone in the UK who so regularly delivers urgent capital to businesses as we do.

Talk to us if you know of a business that has a need for capital. Our network of investors is unparalleled in the UK numbering well in excess of one thousand high net worth individuals. We offer an honest and swift appraisal of any situation and we’ll happily meet with the owners at no cost or commitment.

Interior Design & Consultants – Case Study

Our client provides high quality interior design and consultancy services primarily to the commercial market. The business owner has enjoyed success over a period of more than 20 years and has a customer list with a truly global reach. Post-recession, a number of client relationships have regenerated and an impressive order book has been built up.

In 2010 we introduced our client to investors and helped close the investment transaction. The investor concerned worked within the industry and this element was seen as crucial to the fit. Unfortunately, over a relatively short period of time, this relationship broke down and we were engaged for a second time to find a new investor.

In a very short timeframe, not only had we found and introduced a new investor – also an established individual within the trade, but we helped negotiate exit terms from the previous relationship. An amicable settlement was reached, leaving our client clear to enter terms with this new party.

“I was completely happy and satisfied with the service thatwe received from Beer& Young who clearlyunderstoodboth parties’ needs and acted accordingly. They werealways on the ball, reacted speedily to all situations and we are completely indebted to them for introducing usto an idealinvestor partner enabling the business to survive and grow from a very precarious position and in additioncomplementing the investor’s business. I would have no hesitation in recommending Beer & Young to others”.

Wholesaler / Distributor – Client Testimonial

As you can see from the testimonial below, our client had a serious issue with HMRC

Our business had been re-financed but had significant historic arrears with HMRC. We reached the point where HMRC moved our case to the solicitors’ office who would then issue a winding up petition. We called Beer &Young who swung into action straight away. They were able to persuade HMRC to take an immediate step back, giving us the chance to re-submit proposals for repayment. Beer & Young managed the whole process for us and we’re delighted that they were able to negotiate workable terms for us. I recommend any business with HMRC problems to contact them. They will act immediately, clearly have an excellent reputation within HMRC and are able to deliver results. Thanks again for your help.

AW, Director

We can help so give us a call…

If you know of a business that is experiencing financial pressures and has a need for capital, please talk to us. Our Investors are very active in today’s market; businesses can be preserved and subsequently thrive – for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Private Investor to the Rescue!

By Beer and Young15 Jun 2011