Envestors raise £2m to create a connected marketplace for the UK early-stage investment market

Envestors is proud to announce a financing round of £2M. We would like to thank our strategic partners, the SidebySideEIS Fund.

Ourplatformfacilitates the investment process for all parties, by making it easier for start-ups to raise investment and for investors to build diverse portfolios.

This is not only great news for our company, but it is also our hope that it’s a step towards creating a platform for entrepreneurs to find the right investors, and for networks and investors to work together seamlessly.

“There is no one place to go to find investment or to find investment opportunities – and there needs to be. With a single, central place, we can help start-ups thrive and investors get access to the best deals.

The industry has also been slow to adopt digital, with many feeling that face-to-face meetings and pitching events are the best way forward. But behaviours have shifted in the last ten years to the point where that argument doesn’t hold water. All purchasing decisions, whether you’re buying a pair of jeans, a new car or building your investment portfolio, start online with browsing and initial research.”

Oliver Woolley, CEO of Envestors.

Envestors provides a place where networks, accelerators, and incubators can engage investors, promote deals, and uniquely connect to other networks.

Networks can syndicate deals, helping early-stage companies reach a larger audience of professional investors. Investors would gain access to more quality deals in the sectors they choose.

Our partners include SetSquared, the number one global incubator, a collaboration between the Universities of Bath, Bristol, Exeter, Southampton and Surrey; Bristol-based network Plerith; Prospedia Capital who focus on advanced automotive technologies, and, soon-to-launch, OBN Ventures, the life sciences membership organisation.

“SidebySide’s ethos, as our name implies, is to invest in companies and provide strategic input to help them grow. […] We’ve known Envestors for a number of years and are equally as passionate about creating a single marketplace for early stage companies and investors. It’s precisely what the industry needs. Envestors has already proven itself on a small scale. I look forward to seeing them do much more on a much bigger scale.”

John Bailye, Managing Director, the SidebySide Partnership.

We aim to facilitate investment through FCA cover, providing investor self-certification, deal discovery, online due diligence, portfolio management, deal promotion, and analytics.

And that’s only the beginning. We plan to bring connectivity to more aspects of the investment cycle in the future.

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