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Erika Brodnock
Extend Ventures

Erika Brodnock

Co-founder, Extend Ventures

Erika Brodnock MBE is an award-winning entrepreneur, philanthropist, and angel investor. She is a Visiting Research Fellow at King’s College London, a Leadership Fellow at the University of Exeter, and holds an MBA from the University of Surrey and a PhD in Behavioural Science from the LSE. She authored Diversity Beyond Gender and co-authored the TRANSPARENT Framework and Better Venture—Improving Diversity, Innovation, and Profitability in Venture Capital and Startups. Erika is a co-founder at Kinhub, which provides generative AI coaching and a personalised support platform for enterprise teams. Through a combination of expertise, learning, and development opportunities, Kinhub offers tools for employees, managers, and HR to enhance productivity and performance.