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Best Investment in Sustainable Innovation

Recognising an early-stage business that has accessed equity investment to develop an innovative solution to the challenges of sustainable development.

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Individual Angel Investors

Backed by

Individual Angel Investors

Key Criteria:

Our judges will be looking for a business that demonstrates that their application or solution addresses a clear industry or societal challenge around sustainable development. The solution must be innovative or disruptive in its field and have the potential to create a significant impact to support the global shift to Net Zero. The business must have already achieved strong traction and addresses a significant market or has already gained a strong market share.

The business must also demonstrate how the equity investment is supporting the further development of the technology, product or service and the added value that the investors have brought to the growth of the business/team.

Focus can include: such areas as: energy or waste reduction, construction, food and agriculture production, smart manufacturing and new materials, transport, sustainable plastic packaging and industrial decarbonisation, sustainable cities, responsible consumption.